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Do I really need that repaired?

The most common AC symptoms of a needed repair and when to call your technician.

Since 2006, Northern Arizona Heating & Air has been helping local businesses and families in the Prescott Valley area keep things comfortably cool. Our owner has over twenty years’ experience and stands by quality service and clear communication with customers. You won’t get the big store attitude but you will get personalized and trustworthy service when you choose our business. Here are some of the most common indications you should call for AC tune-up service in Prescott Valley, AZ.

  • You’re hearing unusual sounds coming from your AC. When bumps, clanging, and banging noises start, you need to call a technician right away. These aren’t typically something that will just go away. Rather, a loud and unusual sound almost always means something has come loose or broken into the AC unit. Having a technician out to look right away saves you money on repairs because catching them early means the difference between replacing a small belt or part rather than an entire unit that’s burnt out from waiting too long.
  • You notice the AC isn’t performing like it used to. When the quality and comfort in your home is going down and it just isn’t cooling like it did when you bought your unit, a qualified technician can help troubleshoot the problems. Start by changing the air filter on your unit, especially if it’s been a month or two since you last did so. There could be a fan motor starting to burn out or you might just be low on coolant. It doesn’t take long for an expert to figure out what’s causing the issue. With your AC back on track, you’ll get better performance and increased efficiency from it.

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  • You notice differences in temperatures room to room in your home. When you have uneven cooling around the house, start by checking off all the vent registers in your home. Make sure each one is open and clear of furniture or anything blocking air from circulating into each room. If your AC still fails to cool areas, there could be an internal problem like blockages causing this issue. If your AC was improperly sized for the number of people in your home or square footage, a new model might be the best way to get the results you want for home comfort. Rest assured we will do everything we can to fix the problems with your current AC before going this route unless it’s already about time to replace your unit.
  • Your energy bills are on the rise. When you haven’t changed how much you use the unit but you notice your utility expenses are growing, your AC is having a problem efficiently moving air around the home. When it’s working harder to pull in air and circulate it around the house, it’s using extra energy and costing you more money. It’s also on the road to burning out the motors inside. Without the expertise of a professional, an AC that’s consuming extra energy is likely to break down and need replacement soon. Change your air filter and get a maintenance appointment to address the issue. Have your technician look for the cause of the rising costs and get your AC back to running efficiently.

If your AC is in need of AC tune-up service in Prescott Valley, AZ, give Northern Arizona Heating & Air a call now at (928)-772-7751.