AC Tune-Up Service in Prescott Valley, Prescott, Dewey-Humboldt, AZ and Surrounding Areas

AC Tune-UpAC tune-ups are much more than a simple check up because specialists who really care about your home’s air conditioning system will use this time to optimize the system as much as possible. What you should understand about a good air conditioning tune up specialist is it is his or her job to ensure that you use the least amount of energy possible.

Air Ducts During Tune-Up

You can expect a tune-up to include things like ensuring your air filter is up to date or that the condenser coils are not damaged due to debris and whatnot. Still, there are other things that some companies fail to check the condition of the air ducts. Air ducts can sometimes have a build up of dust and debris that might diminish the air quality in your home, not to mention the possibility of mold or mildew build up. Both of these can be detrimental to your home’s air quality, making it imperative that your tune up specialist checks this area thoroughly. Checking the air duct condition also gives a tune-up specialist an opportunity to find any holes. These holes allow air to escape that is supposed to cool or warm up your home. This means that your air conditioning system is working unnecessarily longer to control the temperature in your home. You are using more energy than you need to, meaning your energy bill is higher as well.

Tune-Up Specialists

A good AC tune-up specialist will ensure that issues like the ones just mentioned, and any others, are addressed before he or she leaves your home. You can also be sure that the specialist will audit your home to see if there are any other improvements that can be made, like adding insulation or dealing with cracks that might be allowing air to escape as well.

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